What is Smart Kid Belt?

Smart Kid Belt is a product that enables a safe carriage of children. It takes care of a good position of the lap belt section and smoothly adjusts the shoulder section to the child's height. The safety of the Smart Kid Belt is confirmed by the results of crash tests carried out by independent institutes. Smart Kid Belt is suitable for children from groups 2 and 3, 4-12 years and weighing between 15 and 36 kg (we recommend 5-12 years). It fits every car.

Smart Kid Belt złożony

Small but safe?

We know that parents are convinced of booster seats. Good for them! Many of them are high class which ensures the greatest safety for children during a journey. Smart Kid Belt doesn’t pretend and state that it is better. Although many products are certified by the ECE approval label, which is perceived as a dangerous mark, we know that they are of a doubtful quality. Hence, we decided to confirm our results in the United States. From two independent institutions Smart Kid Belt got great strain results that affect children during a journey and are of key importance for dangerous situations. The result of 40G with a maximum value of 55G proves how good and fast Smart Kid Belt works. We are transparent and we share our results with you obtained during crash tests.

Many benefits

Smart Kid Belt - dla dzieci

For children from groups 2 and 3

Smart Kid Belt is a product designed for children from groups 2 and 3. The aforementioned groups include 4-12 years, weighing 15-36 kg. In our opinion the Smart Kid Belt product may be used for 5 years, taking into consideration the height and weight of a child. Thanks to easy adjustment, the Smart Kid Belt grows up with your child. Therefore, you can use it for many years!


Smart Kid Belt weighs only 120 g. It is the smallest product in the world to carry children safely. You can have it in every car, rucksack or bag. It is ideal for cabs or school trips. Transportation of your children by your family members and friends has never been so easy. Regardless of the situation, Smart Kid Belt ensures the safety your child deserves.

A lot of room

The presence of three children in the back seat with Smart Kid Belt is not a problem but great fun for the whole family. You can travel with up to three children wherever you want without any obstacles.

For everyone who needs it

Ideal adjustment of the seat belt significantly increases the safety of a passenger. Smart Kid Belt may be successfully used where regulations do not require it. For instance, for older children and adults of a lower height.

For every car

Smart Kid Belt fits every car model equipped with seat belts. You don’t have to be concerned anymore whether the booster seat will fit your car or how your seats will look like afterwards.


The size of Smart Kid Belt and its package facilitate logistics process, reduce costs and its negative impact on the environment.

At hand

Glove compartment

Car door

Front seat pocket

For every vehicle


Rental car


Be smart for the loved ones
and choose Smart Kid Belt

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