How does it work?
Smart Kid Belt® works well because it doesn’t change what the engineers have designed in your car. With its simple and clever design, Smart Kid Belt® creates a CRS system with seat belts in your car that can be visually compared to the harness in which your child travels safely and comfortably. The simplicity of Smart Kid Belt® relies on the fact that it adjusts the belt system to your child's height smoothly and without any problems - the scale accuracy is measured in millimetres! To ensure your child's safety with the Smart Kid Belt, it is enough to insert the Smart Kid Belt into the car belt, two fixing straps of the product will connect the hip and shoulder strap, forming a system suitable for your child.

The permanent fastening of both straps and the direct connection of Smart Kid Belt® with the car belts significantly reduces strains that are dangerous to children's health in the event of an accident. It is worth mentioning that a car where a child with the Smart Kid Belt product® is carried, makes full use of its structural potential, if necessary. This means that all vehicle safety systems will work in the way as it was designed by the engineers.

What children should travel with Smart Kid Belt?

Smart Kid Belt® is a product dedicated for children from groups 2 and 3. In practice, this means that 4-12 years, weighing between 15 and 36 kg, are able to travel with our product. We believe that Smart Kid Belt® can be used for 5 years, taking into account the child's height and weight.Smart Kid Belt® is also suitable for short children who have grown out of groups 2 and 3, if you are still afraid to travel with them without additional security.

For you, this means reducing the expenses to a disposable purchase that will accompany you for many years and it is associated with the safe carriage of your child!

Our product will also be suitable for adults who are of a slight built because taking care of safety is smart regardless of age.

Is it safe?

Yes, it has been checked very carefully. We are also parents, therefore we do not agree that children should be carried in a way that does not guarantee maximum safety and comfort. Smart Kid Belt® has been tested by research institutions such as PIMOT and Calspan. Reports summarizing conducted tests clearly show that Smart Kid Belt® significantly reduces strain that causes danger to children's health and life in the event of an accident. The results of the study show clear and understandable figures, representing 100% of the true forces acting on the body fastened to the Smart Kid Belt®. Smart Kid Belt® has the ECE 44 04 certificate like many products of this type to carry children, which measures only real strain acting on a child. We know that this certificate does not have a very good reputation, so it is worth mentioning that the fact of holding such a certificate is not important, but the level of strain it certifies. With Smart Kid Belt®, the G strains acting on a child are approx. 40 G, while the maximum allowed value is 53 G. Apart from the ECE 44, our belt has FMVSS 213. This is certified by the American research institute, thanks to which Smart Kid Belt® can be used in the USA and Canada.

How does the Smart Kid Belt differ from booster seats?

Let's start from the fact that Smart Kid Belt® is not suitable for carrying small children in groups 0 and 1, and for thin body type of children from group 2. The Smart Kid Belt® product differs totally from the booster seat , but it's important that it fulfils its purpose. The Smart Kid Belt® is easy to install and fits any car model. Installation of the Smart Kid Belt® is simple and what's more, moving it from one car to another does not cause any problems. Thanks to this, we can easily pass it to grandparents, e.g. when they are supposed to pick up your child from school or go away for a weekend. Just unfasten two straps and throw the Smart Kid Belt® into your child's rucksack. In this way your child's safety can always be ensured.

The size of Smart Kid Belt® is an undoubted advantage. The product can be hidden in a glove compartment, women's handbag or jacket pockets. This always allows you to have it and ensure your child's safety while driving a car which does not belong to you, e.g. when driving a cab. Another important issue is the adjustment of the Smart Kid Belt® to a child and car. It is worth mentioning that even the most expensive car seat will not fulfil its function if it doesn’t fit the car or child.
With the Smart Kid Belt®, you don't have to worry about it. Thanks to its innovative design and clever mechanisms, it fits every car model and its installation allows you to adjust it to your child's height and body.

We know that some parents don't use booster seats for excursions, due to problems with the installation they may encounter. This problem does not exist with Smart Kid Belt® !

Is Smart Kid Belt better than backless booster seats?

Would you like to place your child on a well-fitting and well-designed car seat or on a piece of inflatable plastic? Well... Some children's backless booster seats are products that do not guarantee sufficient safety. Their construction significantly increases the risk of the so called ''diving'' , which is extremely dangerous for children and can cause serious damage to the spine. With the Smart Kid Belt®, your child will be carried on a designed seat. This makes your child feel comfortable and his safety will be ensured by a well matched Smart Kid Belt®. The backless booster seat manufacturers certify their safety by means of ECE 44 Our product also has such a certificate, however, strain levels which a child is subjected to during the crash are not published hiding the fact that they are very high in case of backless booster seats. The lower the strain is, the better for your child. Smart Kid Belt® has a value of 40 G! It is worth mentioning that the Smart Kid Belt® does not disturb adult transportation. This cannot be said about high-backed and backless booster seats. In contrast, the Smart Kid Belt® does not have to be completely uninstalled, it is enough to unfasten the upper fixing strap quickly.

Will I get a ticket?

Smart Kid Belt® is a product of the same group as high-backed or backless booster seats. It holds all the necessary certificates and approvals which allow it to be entered into service. The Polish Highway Code specifies the need to use safety seats or safety products for the carriage of children in its regulations. Smart Kid Belt® is such a product.

See what Wojciech Piaseczny tells you about Smart Kid Belt:

Who stays behind SKB?

Smart Kid Belt® is created by a group of engineer-parents who have been closely involved in the child carriage industry for many years. Thanks to their work and knowledge, many products were created and ensured the safety as well as peace of mind of thousands of families. The design of the Smart Kid Belt® is the result of market observation and a willingness to respond to parents' real problems, and fight with unconditional belief in commercial institution tests.


The low price of Smart Kid Belt® can shock and discourage many of you from buying. Remember, however, that the price of Smart Kid Belt® is advantageous because our product does not pretend. Parents do not pay for fake tests that do not affect their child's safety, colour or brand. Our goal is to ensure the safety of many children. Hence we have designed a product which due to its price and purpose, is within the reach of every parent.

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