Find out about test results for Smart Kid Belt

Smart Kid Belt is the safest restraint system available on the Polish market. We have plenty of evidence for this. Over the past few years, we have had dozens of dynamic tests conducted around the world. Based on in-depth analyses and conclusions drawn, an innovative device has been created to help protect children in vehicles. As the only one in the industry, our team transparently presents the results of crash tests. It is because we believe that only such data can show the Consumer which devices are safe.

Dynamic tests have been carried out in accordance with the ECE R44-04 and FMVSS 213 regulations.
  • Smart Kid Belt reaches g-force values ranging from 26 to 38 g.
  • Booster cushions – from 48 to 50 g.
  • Child safety seats – from 50 to 55 g.

Tests conducted – information from other sources


56 countries





Jestem Potrzebny


The following pictures show certificates from different categories (we have intentionally removed product names and the exact approval number):.

Result of crash tests | 32 kg dummy front | PIMOT

Result of crash tests | 15 kg dummy | PIMOT

Result of crash tests | 22 kg dummy | PIMOT

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