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Small but safe?

We know that parents are convinced of booster seats. Good for them! Many of them are high class which ensures the greatest safety for children during a journey. Smart Kid Belt doesn’t pretend and state that it is better. Although many products are certified by the ECE approval label, which is perceived as a dangerous mark, we know that they are of a doubtful quality. Hence, we decided to confirm our results in the United States. From two independent institutions Smart Kid Belt got great strain results that affect children during a journey and are of key importance for dangerous situations. The result of 40G with a maximum value of 55G proves how good and fast Smart Kid Belt works. We are transparent and we share our results with you obtained during crash tests.

The graph on the left shows you a record of one of the many crash tests we have carried out for the Smart Kid Belt. This particular test, carried out on a 32 kg crash test dummy, shows the course of the resultant delay during dynamic tests. Perhaps you are wondering how to read the data, but it is quite simple. Red dotted line - indicates the highest strain threshold for passing the tests. Coloured lines from 1 to 5 - each line indicates another crash test. G-axis - indicates the strain of the manikin during the test. The S-axis determines the operating time of the product. As we see in the graph, the strains acting on the manikin fastened to the Smart Kid Belt did not exceed 40 G in practically any of these tests, while the maximum value is 55 G.

However, one test is not sufficient to believe in the safety of a new product. That's why our results of crash tests are available for general review and you can find them here:

Smart Kid Belt - przebiegi opóźnień wypadkowych

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